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After tasting Renoo's food, you would imagine that she had been cooking for as long as she could remember. But in her home country, Thailand, Renoo worked as a high school teacher. But she later found that one of her greatest talents and joys was in cooking for her family at all of their gatherings.  

In 2001 she left Thailand and moved over seas to Canada. She began cooking for the Thai Embassy and knew then that she had found her gift. 

In 2003 she moved to Seattle WA, where she began cooking in a Thai restaurant.

Renoo moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004. In addition to becoming a successful Thai cook, she met her husband Larry and they both fell in love. Renoo became a part of a new family. Renoo's dream became Larry's dream and together, the two of opened their own restaurant. 

With a smile on her face that never seems to fade away, Renoo and her cooking is a testament to just why Thailand is named....

"The Land of Smiles"

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